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Posted by xoenergy at May 27, 2013 8:06:58 PM
Re: Something HAS to happen
As a player who has played this game on and off, I would say that the one thing getting more and more difficult to do is buy stuff. WHen i first started this game I could join a pilly and withing a few days and buy a new sloop. about 30k poe. Today I am playing and it would take me 3 to 4 times as long to do the same thing.

I think that a big problem is the amount of time it takes to make enough poe to buy a dub is un proportional. I could run a pilly, and have a good pilly and win 5-6 battles, and then lets say i lose one battle. The pilly is then ruined because of two reasons. Many times jobbers leave after one loss because they realize a lot of the hard earned poe in the coffers is now lost. So you lose both jobbers and poe.

Of course there are the elites who know the niches in thegame on how to earn the most poe per battle, and lose harly any battles. But i am talking about the average naver who doesn't know the little niches.

I think a huge problem in the game is the poe made in an amount of time (as an average pirate) is really low and creates a dificult environment to play in as a new pirate.

What i think is the only way to make a more then an acepteable amount of poe/ to get a strong foothold in finaces is to do : Run a succesful SMH, BUY dubs with reall money(lots of money), or play poker.

But to do a SMH , you already need to have plenty of poe and experience.
To buy enough dubs to have decent finaces is to spend a lot of poe
and in poker most people lose all their poe, and a few knowlegeable longtime PP poker players end up with it.( an un godly amount of poe)

I guess what I just want to say , is make pillying for an average/new pirate worth while. aka better payouts for everyone.
Wasn't PP supose so be primarily pillying and exploreing? AS a new/ aaverage pirate pillying, is hardly worth the time, Most of the time its not worht the time at all.
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