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Posted by Smartysmoker at May 20, 2013 5:58:11 PM
Re: Lay siege en masse to our new server hardware!

I aint gonna waste my time on emerald for some crappy apple product. But on a more concerning note Sub players wont get credit for there time on their ocean for the ipad which is utter BS. Aint right. And triple poe on pillages if that don't cross all ocean I have never seen a bigger pile of crap in my life. I will poo a chicken if all oceans dont the get the triple poe, and you can count on that. That just chaps me to no end.
/end rant
On a positive note they are making progress on the tablet stuff so props there. I just hope they dont throw the sub ocean under the bus in the launch.

And to any grammar nazi's I am sorry for the spotty grammar and spelling. One of the parts of being a southerner. lol
Happyjoey Cerulean (Cobalt native),
Captain of "For Noobs" (The Best Crew in the Ocean) =p,
and King of "Knee Deep"

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