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Posted by Ichlet8 at May 11, 2013 7:44:20 PM
Re: Question RE: Sea Green and Night Blue Starfish
I dunno about Emerald but I think on Meridian Ichigokuro might have one?!?!?! Not that that helps you :P

My friend gave me an indigo starfish. Her friend won it in a tournament. I believe it is the only one on the ocean, at least before the malachite merge. Not sure if another one snuck in or not. I gave it back eventually because I realized how rare it is.

For the safety of avoiding her being bombarded with tells, I'm going to avoid revealing the person's pirate name, but I can assure you she won't be selling and has been dormant for a while. I think you guys are out of luck. My apologies. Hope you can track down the malachite one if there is one. ^^

We couldn't send tells anyway since she is dormant... Not that anyone expressed their need to buy it anyway.

This means that I'll keep on believing there is none on Emerald but it may confim that an indigo starfish was once available through a tournament.

Just weighing in, and pre-emptively protecting my friend, as I've gotten 2mil offers on it when it was in my possession, and strangely enough people do come out of dormancy occasionally. It's weird, I know.

Also, I have a lot of the eggs you're looking for. I'll only sell duplicates, and if the price is significant, though. I think you said you were only looking on Emerald, but if not, shoot me a tell.
~Ichigokuro, Viridian

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