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Posted by Ichlet8 at May 10, 2013 11:01:52 PM
Re: Question RE: Sea Green and Night Blue Starfish
I dunno about Emerald but I think on Meridian Ichigokuro might have one?!?!?! Not that that helps you :P

My friend gave me an indigo starfish. Her friend won it in a tournament. I believe it is the only one on the ocean, at least before the malachite merge. Not sure if another one snuck in or not. I gave it back eventually because I realized how rare it is.

For the safety of avoiding her being bombarded with tells, I'm going to avoid revealing the person's pirate name, but I can assure you she won't be selling and has been dormant for a while. I think you guys are out of luck. My apologies. Hope you can track down the malachite one if there is one. ^^
~Ichigokuro, Viridian

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