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Posted by Squishat at May 9, 2013 10:16:26 PM
Re: Question RE: Sea Green and Night Blue Starfish
I have maintained a complete collection of starfish for quite some time. Tonight I was moving my display and went to the wiki as I made changes.

Lo and behold: the wiki page image reserves two spots at the end of the spectrum for Sea Green and Night Blue, though neither has a picture.

Can anyone enlighten me about this? Were they released and I missed it? Are they projected for future release? What's going on?

They don't have images because to the best of our knowledge, they were never released or we have never seen either of them.

We do not know whether they are projected for future release.

I would take a guess that the reason they are in the color chart is that because those 2 are known colors, and that if they were ever released, the template you see there would be much easier to update.
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