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Posted by Squishat at May 6, 2013 10:31:02 PM
Re: Why is there no collective page entitled "Boxes"?
The chests from Atlantis, CI, and HS are collectively called "Treasure chests" and there is a YPPedia page for them.

Yes, I am perfectly aware of that.

I was thinking to sort of add a blurb at the bottom underneath the title "If you meant treasure chests, visit this other page" or something. Because as others have mentioned, they do like to refer to those as boxes.

One reason that we do not have a collective article for the prize boxes is because nobody has created one yet. The other reason is that we may not have had guidance from Three Rings about a collective name for them. As you can see, "Prize boxes" might be a good name for them, but it is unofficial.

Yea, which is the exact reason for this discussion... What does the community think is a good enough appropriate title?

That said, how much information could be on such an article? It kinda sounds like just a disambiguation page to me. Also, it's better to give the page a singular name - for example, "Box". It's much easier to link the plural form to a singular title than it is the other way around.

I actually already had a lot that I wanted to write on it, much like suggested by Txx and Sizzly. Also when I was running around last night including the "box" section on different pages, I'd have loved to link to this page that hasn't been created yet.

Both information linking to the official documentation (because that isn't easy to find unless you know where to look), and where to obtain them, etc.

Yea, I kinda noticed that. (Btw, is it possible that when searching for "Black Boxes" it will redirect? Currently only "Black Box" will redirect)
not sure how yppedia is exactly set up, but I don't see a lack of content here.
tried to format it, sorry if it looks bad >.<

Oh that looks like a good formatting, but I think I will combine it with Sizzly's suggestion to first sort "buyable" and "promotional"
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