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Posted by Pixulayted at May 6, 2013 5:15:45 PM
Re: Why is there no collective page entitled "Boxes"?
You may be surprised to learn that we don't just run around deleting pages all day. Be bold - it's one of the policies we've implicitly adopted from Wikipedia. =)

That said, how much information could be on such an article? It kinda sounds like just a disambiguation page to me. Also, it's better to give the page a singular name - for example, "Box". It's much easier to link the plural form to a singular title than it is the other way around.

-Seasonal boxes(Seperate by years because each year had different prizes for the same color)

-Promotional Boxes
--10yr Aniversary
--Heart shaped boxes(400-100k poe inside for $dub/sub purchase)
--Others like heart shaped

-Purchasable Boxes
--Black box
--Gold box
--RM Chart Box

not sure how yppedia is exactly set up, but I don't see a lack of content here.
tried to format it, sorry if it looks bad >.<

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