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Posted by laladibla at May 4, 2013 1:48:35 PM
Re: Something HAS to happen
I don't really agree about the tablet idea. Although I think there is a chance PP could be successful off of the back of that, see how many people you can name who play a tablet mmo. I can't think of any, and I have many many gamer friends.

As much as it's nice to believe that PP will be a success from a release on tablet, it's still going to be a gamble. We don't know that it will be a success, or even how many people will even play it.

Of course, YPP is probably profitable for OOO now, but considering how small a playerbase it has, and considering how much it is shrinking, do you not agree that they are probably losing profits (rapidly) in comparison to what they were before?

This is why I say YPP is on the verge of sinking, and no amount of small time updates and microcurrency ploys are going to stop it, but slow it down for maybe a fraction of the time.

I hate to be a sceptic, but although I can understand that there is hope for YPP, I don't see how putting the same stuff on a tablet will make a huge difference unless YPP magically reinvents itself to become the next big tablet hit.

I honestly only think the real hope for PP will come from a careful redesign of the game to align with some slightly more modern principles, as well as a vaster expanse of content. For example, the "imperials" could have been explored a whole lot further than they have been.

I won't be replying to this thread anymore. I don't need to justify my argument, as it is ultimately inevitable.
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