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Posted by laladibla at May 4, 2013 2:03:56 AM
Something HAS to happen
I haven't properly played YPP since maybe 2011 so I'm just coming on here to share some of my thoughts about what I've seen.

This game is rapidly losing it's playerbase. I am signed up to forums for games that don't exist yet with more "players" than Y!PP has.
Indeed, as well as losing it's playerbase, I hardly see any interaction between the developers and players except on major issues.

Now, I could just be stating the obvious, considering I'm sure this issue has been discussed at great length multiple times (it even was 2 years ago, and maybe long before that as well), but what the hell has gone wrong? Y!PP looks like an accident that has already happened.

I think YPP has been stagnant for a very long time now, and the Dev Team are probably not making a huge amount of money off of it either, so apart from "the spirit of the community", which is largely nonexistent, except for mostly old hands who've been playing this game for a few years or more, why would they be keeping YPP running?

IMO, I think the Dev Team should be considering closing YPP or finally starting afresh with the "Puzzle Pirates 2" idea that has been looming round the forums since as long as I can remember.

However, I'm sure I'll have many angry responses of people who will defend the game, OMs and everything about it till they're blue in the face. I agree. I was one of those people once.

Trouble is this MMO is not really succeeding anymore, and introducing small-time innovations that are hardly likely to make a difference in players is just showing that YPP is on the verge of falling beneath the surface of the vast ocean that is failing MMOs.

If you've ever read a thread about this OMs, I think it's time you considered something new.
Visionary/Visionarye - Coming soon to an ocean near you!

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