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Posted by xelto at Apr 28, 2013 5:31:06 AM
Re: Save the crafting puzzle curve!
On Mala/Viridian, the only one that's broken in my opinion is distilling, too. Apoth might be too; I don't play that enough (can't be bothered with a 15 minute puzzle session for the amount of pay you get back!) to be sure.

Apothecary isn't broken: it's more of a patience puzzle than anything. I typically run about 45 minutes for my sessions, as I try yet another way to (finally) get that red to cross over, meet up with yellow, and get to the one bottle over there, while still keeping the other three-to-four already-done paths.

Distilling is broken because there's non-stop need for expert labor, which makes alts both necessary and lucrative. Remove the need for the non-stop expert labor, and the alts would dry up.
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