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Posted by marundel at Apr 27, 2013 2:28:56 PM
Re: Save the crafting puzzle curve!
Well, I don't know what happened to SW on Cerulean... it started on Cobalt before the merge. Using my shipwright alt, I routinely did Excellent and Incredible, and could maintain Renowned/G-M consistently puzzling about a dozen boards a week. About three years ago or so, the same puzzle performance had me going back and forth between Master and Renowned (Skilled to Expert), so I started puzzling more often thinking that would help - still doing Excellent and Incredible. Within a couple months, that alt was a straight Master, and has declined to Respected since... still doing Excellent and Incredible when actually puzzling.

That tells me one of two things happened: either all the people leaving the game were below Respected in shipwrighting (highly unlikely, even though the smaller number of players on the ocean will create fewer people in the upper half of the standings - some of the ones who left must have statistically been Expert shipwrighters); or they adjusted the scoring. I seem to remember a thread in Game Design about the same time discussing issues with SW scoring, and have wondered ever since if that thread or others like it sparked an adjustment in the coding that has since swung the pendulum the other way.
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