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Posted by Inschato at Apr 27, 2013 12:22:34 AM
Save the crafting puzzle curve!
This is a call to action, go play the crafting puzzles. Just do it once on the free days. Do it on all your alts. Do it bad on purpose, or try your hardest I don't particularly care. Going down to proficient when I get an Expert worthy Excellent is not fun.

[sarcasm]This is the real reason greenies don't stick around[/0.01%serious]

By the way, if you just repeatedly press X in distilling until it's finished you'll usually get a poor, and only rarely get a booched that doesn't provide labor.

Today's (April 27th) free crafting puzzle is: Shipwright

Tips for getting a fine on shipwright: Just make all the 3 piece goals you can, fill them, repeat until finished. You don't need to make any 4 or 5 pieces.
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