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Posted by Notsizzly at Apr 6, 2013 2:57:05 AM
Re: Consensus Needed: New name for a new octopus?
Accessorized octopus. Mhm.

Actually, I have to add this. Wiki doesn't entirely follow what is in-game, if we're being really technical about it. All the pets are labeled by the type, so a spring green sheep is just a 'sheep' in-game but in the wiki it is under the 'Sheep' and 'Spring green sheep', just like all of the pets. Even Three Rings has used more descriptive names than just the pet type and not only the LE color (for example, Banana Wolf/Banana Dog or Plum Panther/which still is just a Big Cat). Edit2: In before 'Three Rings does this for promotional purposes'. Yes it does, just like it calls the navy-colored unicorn a 'shadow' unicorn. To make the difference clear enough...

For the sake of a better wiki, and less confusion within those who use the wiki to look up for information and do not really know about these things like we do, I ask that you/we would make the differences at least somehow clear enough.
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