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Posted by xelto at Apr 3, 2013 4:38:42 AM
Re: Permanent bans - yes or no?
tl;dr - I don't think Three Rings should get rid of permanent bans. Do you?

No. The biggest argument I've heard for getting rid of them boils down to "I learned my lesson and deserve another chance!"

I don't agree with it. I had a brother who did that-- successfully-- with the any organization he could lie, cheat, or steal from, including school and the legal system, for years. As mentioned,
Whenever someone tells us their story behind the ban, it's always one-sided, the opinion of the person telling it. We've seen multiple cases where the story was quite different when told by Three Rings - and the ban was deserved.

I'll add: these excuses always seem just like what my brother would hand out. It's not my fault. I didn't realize it would go like that. Is this really so bad? I deserve another chance. Or whatever.

Or I can reference the large number of employees I had who gave similar excuses. Without fail, every time I gave someone who deserved to be fired a second chance, I still had to fire them within six weeks, and usually far less. Because they figured "Oh, hey, what I did wasn't so bad after all, was it? After all, he didn't fire me for it."

Ultimately, there needs to be a final solution to troublemakers in any organization. One that's a deterrent for the cautious or rule-abiding members, and is also a good way to remove the seriously non-rule-abiding.
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