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Posted by zeinasway at Feb 16, 2013 5:50:36 PM
Re: Carmine Defense
Thank you very much to everyone who came out and helped defend Carmine today. I was so happy to see so many jobbers there to help <3 You guys rock!

Thanks to Pizzahutpete for an awesome job as admiral, and to all of the fabulous navvers, particularly Bertz who was kind enough to join our flag for a day to help out.

And I also want to thank Blackmane for the post above mine here too. Explorer halls bring a lot of fun to this game for me, (in fact I am a BK compass addict), and it's nice to see that someone appreciates the Hall that I pay to keep open :) So thank you also to all the other flags who maintain Explorer Halls to keep the fun going.

Ryujin says, "zeina = 3 gunner... she + allitara = guns full"

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