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Posted by Aethera21 at Feb 14, 2013 9:42:02 AM
Re: Tyranny...
Er, I didn't mean I was trying to fix the imbalance, did I imply that? I meant that I run many different things from Midnight to Cobalt, for my own personal use.

Madder, Nettle and Elder are the most obvious ones for me. Since the merge Nettle on Cobalt has stayed well above 100, but I can bid constantly at Midsummer for 86, so I bid up a few hundred and then run it when I run other Midnight-side commods.

Hemp, interestingly, I don't have too much of an issue with, most of the time. It'll fill with regularity in the northwest corner of Jade.

Since the merge, I've been getting Elder, Nettle, Madder, Indigo (because I can bid it), Cowslip, Cubanite, Sincosite, Serandite and Cane from Midnight with regularity. The first 3 are the worst offenders, for certain, in terms of price difference and fill time.
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