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Posted by Jeriannah at Feb 13, 2013 8:36:28 AM
Re: Tyranny...
I'm not into the shopkeeping. Too many numbers, too many variables. It's not my thing. I know some people get it, but if I hate bilge (which I do), then the shopkeeping "puzzle" is a billion times worse in my eyes.

(Please understand the above to mean that it's emphatically not my cup of tea, and I admire anyone who can do it well, but will never throw my hat in that ring. Not me knocking those who do shopkeep.)

I'm willing to accept that I've been hitting the shops at bad times - excepting yesterday, I haven't been consistently checking each hour or so. So, it might have been off luck that each time I went to load my CI, there was no rum available.

This might be a dumb question, but given the dual issues of expert labor and sugar cane availability, would any of those shops or stalls be willing to produce grog? For every 20 units of fine rum capable of being produced, you can do 30 units of grog. And honestly, I don't think anyone's hold (at least for CIs and pillages) will be so screwed up if they have to buy 30 grog instead of 20 rum. The difference in volume and sizing is negligible even on sloops.

I've heard the royals weigh in (and thank you guys - so much easier than trying to /who and keep a conversation tracked in game), and I've heard from other shopkeepers, but not anyone on Jubilee. Any of you shopkeepers out there? Willing to weigh in?

Cala - as an aside, if you need help sailing sugar cane, let me know when you normally do it. I'm typically good on sails and will gladly help out.
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