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Posted by Conflictted at Feb 13, 2013 6:48:26 AM
Re: Tyranny...
Crip and I know for a fact Rum was avalible there. I bought 400 units from the stall (walking in and ordering immediatly) and 50units just then for my CI (10minutes ago)

Well it was not there when I looked and when I wrote my post. So this means it was taken care of VERY recently. That's awesome they are now selling rum.

Edit: Maybe you bought them all out? I'm here now and they aren't.

I bought about 350 units from a shoppe Monday around 6PM game time... Crip was with me when i did this (since i could not buy any dockside) Also Last night, around 6:30PM pirate time, I ordered 50 more units (which both orders were delivered immediatly) After those 2 purchases there are none left that I see at this time, but for 2 days that i can account for, rum was able to be bought out of the shoppes immediatly.
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