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Posted by TexasBeesh at Feb 13, 2013 6:03:40 AM
Re: Tyranny...
/me Blames Armegin ;)

The "unfavorable distribution" was a deliberate design choice made by OOO for cobalt/viridian.

Why would the devs do this? Well, do this to the extreme that has been done on the cobalt side...Any talk on this somewhere else on the forum?

On the Midnight side, not everything is spawned on the same island, but at least it's reasonable. I think the economy is better and prices are more stable.

Maybe it's simply not feasible or worth it for those in the merchant sector to deal with rum on Jubilee. I can understand given the junk spawn/bid layout that was given. :S

I had a stall on Nu and with prices reaching 11 poe for sugar cane (on a bad day) and the horribly SLOW fill rate due to mowing over spawn points. It was hard to make a profit and keep rum at a reasonable price. I was paying 70 poe for expert too. I bought the cane from the Emerald arch and would ship it in. Lots of work, little profit, so shut it down almost a year later.

After looking at the issues and having dealt with them myself - I can see why there is no rum.

Denim Drunks is probably getting most of the sugar cane b/c of the 11 poe buy price, so why isn't the shop producing? Or is this the Kade reserve shop?
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