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Posted by Jeriannah at Feb 12, 2013 6:41:56 PM
Re: Tyranny...
I'm not interested in speaking in game to people, because I'm typically a little too busy with other things (right now, for example, winning more charts and then throwing my hands up in the air because they're off islands with no rum). No, in truth though, it's because if I'm not on a ship, I'm typically just running the game background (meaning I'll miss stuff). And if I am on a ship, I'm puzzling, not chatting.

If I have to start carting my own supplies, I will, but it seems a bit silly.

Crip - there's no fine rum available that I can see when I enter distilleries - it's greyed out, typically an indication that none of the shops either have the materials or labor to produce that item.

Are those really the only options? Drop a chest or open a stall? What about engaging the flag that controls each island in discussion, trying to think about things like incentives to draw in the distillers that are needed? I don't want to run a shop, no more than I want to run an island. I have enough trouble dealing with my own whiny self (and I've had decades to get used to me!), I can't imagine a whole island of folks.

Having said that, I'd like to see some alternatives brought up.

Crip and I know for a fact Rum was avalible there. I bought 400 units from the stall (walking in and ordering immediatly) and 50units just then for my CI (10minutes ago)

I'll find you in game, because I'm standing in the distilling bazaar right now, with 15k on hand, and unable to buy anything - no options come up at all for grog or fine rum, as they are greyed out, and swill, while not greyed out, does not give any options to purchase.

Edit to add - and that situation has been going on all day long, and throughout the past few weeks.
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