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Posted by Aethera21 at Feb 12, 2013 4:19:35 PM
Re: Tyranny...
With the labor and the commods being so problematic, if I was a distiller who enjoyed the merchanting game, I'd make the rum up on Coch or Napi and then run it down to a stall on Jubilee. If it's so dead down there, such a person would probably make a nice profit. Far easier to run rum than cane. As it is, I dislike distill and have my hands full of shoppes and stalls already, but it's worth someone doing it. Napi doesn't even have any distilling stalls at the moment, so I'm surprised cane is as high as it is. Prana is also nearly out of all alcohol. At Coch, there are a few active stalls, but there are only a few hundred grog for sale, and that's it. Only Carmine has over 1000 rum/grog/swill.

The problem I see here is assessing the demand. I assume there are flots and maps down there, but do people bother with them enough to make selling rum worthwhile?

I really wish I was able to do expert distill, but I haven't ever been able to, and our flags distillers are at capacity already.
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