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Posted by Jeriannah at Feb 12, 2013 3:56:02 PM
Re: Tyranny...
I know for expert labor, you need a renowned or higher standing in the puzzle. Looking through the owners & managers of the shops & stalls there, I found 1 Legendary distiller (who is both a manager at a shop, and owner of a stall). So, labor might be part of the problem, but still, there's someone with both a stall and a shop, capable of producing the labor needed for fine rum.

I wouldn't even blink too much at grog or swill, but no one Jubilee is selling any of them. No one. Which is another part of the reasoning behind my thoughts that it might be commods - because even I can pull of basic distilling labor. In point of fact, Swill is the only option that's not greyed out (meaning at least one shop or stall has the capacity to produce said items, including labor and commods), but when chosen, it gives no buying options.

I've been running things off and around Jubilee for the past 3 weeks or so - or rather, I should say, attempting to run things - and it's been like this pretty consistently. I'm not a fan of bringing in my own booze bote, but I will likely end up having to take that option, as there doesn't seem to be another solution readily available.

Is this something I need to open up to the shopkeepers around Jubilee as well? Because I will. I'll heckle every decent distiller I know, and beg them to take jobs assuming your wages are competitive. I'll carve out some time to help run commods, no charge on my sailing time. Just give me some flippin' booze!

... Wow, that sounded desperate there at the end, huh? o.O
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