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Posted by TexasBeesh at Feb 12, 2013 3:44:19 PM
Re: Tyranny...
There is zero rum...of any kind. It's a poorly planned arch with the lack of islands that you can bid for sugar cane on. There are 2, waaaaay up at the top of the arch and Jubilee is waaaay down at the bottom. I know stalls can have merchants deliver it them. The highest on Jubilee is 11 poe (crazy). I think 9 and 7 for bid prices is high too, but in general bids are higher on the Cobalt side.

I'm not used to that side, but I think the layout is pretty inconvenient for those in the merchant game. At least I wouldn't want to merchant there.

Anyway - lots of stalls and not even swill. :/

So Governor, please provide something to drink :).
Seatexan - on the Midnight side of Cerulean
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