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Posted by Jeriannah at Feb 12, 2013 2:49:09 PM
Re: Tyranny...
Nice to know you have no interest in speaking to me in game, does that make me feel like hauling in rum just for you to be honest you can be sure it doesnt.
Sure you have the option of engaging us as a flag in discussion to solve the problem of no rum, but the statement, "
I'm not interested in speaking in game to people" does not lend itself to opening discussions.

As has been said there is a distil bazar on Jubilie so perhaps a stall or two could see some pirates filling their pockets with extra poe.


As I said, I'm not interested in opening discussions in game, because when I am on the game, I'm puzzling on a vessel. I don't puzzle my best when I'm trying to split my attention between the puzzle and a conversation carried on in tells. Read the surrounding words. There was context there.

But if you'd like to engage me, in game, please tell me what times you're available for said discussion, and I'll do my best to open up a dialogue with you. I'm just not interested in spending every 2 minutes doing a /who on flag royalty to see who I can talk to, assuming anyone responds.

After talking with some crewmates and hearties who do shopkeep on occasion, who helped look at the information available, the spawns seem to be part of the issue. The items aren't available anywhere near at a reasonable price/quantity. You already have 6 distilling stalls, and 2 distilleries, so opening another stall won't work. You can open as many stalls as you like, that's not going to increase the spawns of commodities necessary for the production.

So, I repeat - what do I do? I don't want to become a merchant just to be able to pillage off of your island. I don't want to have to plan 2 hours moving commodities to sell your shopkeepers, or 10-15 LPs just to get rum, just so I can use a CI map.

Edit to clarify: I'm not posting this to be a jerk. I'm posting this because I really would like an answer. I'd love to be able to use my maps, but if it takes 2-3 hours of prep work to just barely have enough to get me in and out of the CIs, it's not worth it. I'll find maps elsewhere to use.

Perhaps there are other alternatives or options available. I don't know. What I do know is that Garnet arch is getting a reputation to be a barnacle spot for pillaging, SMHs, etc., because of the scarcity of basic ship supplies. Most of the other islands, though, at least have a little bit of fine rum.
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