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Posted by XEcastasy at Feb 10, 2013 8:13:32 AM
Re: EGGS! Design Furniture for the Game 2013 [Deadline: March 10th, 2013]
I have a question for you experienced "egg"ers, when you make a more "complicated design" (not a repetitive pattern) is it better to focus the image in the center or at about 2/3 to the left/right? (hope the question makes sense...)

After looking at previous entries, it looks that the "main" image should be about 2/3 to the right. I could be terribly wrong though!

You good sir, are correct :)

There is a reason! The 3D egg 'front' tends to face that way. If you move the image more to the left your image will ..'wrap around/fall off' the sides and can no longer be seen by the viewer.

Edit2: If you want to see the effect you can submit your design choice in the rendering thread to see what it would look like in game, more or less :)
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