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Posted by Raider81 at Jan 27, 2013 6:59:47 PM
Re: [Blockade Intent] Orca/Gaea
Grats to AoW. I hope you keep it stocked as we did until yesterday night.

BB won't defend as most of us are busy in RL on sunday. If another flag wants to play we gladly make it sinking for you

Risky move I thought Zacthedragon was going to drop on your other island.

Why risky? I think it's fairer to tell ppl they have to expect a flag sit or rearange their cade plans instead of being silent until the window is over and no one can drop any more. We thought this more fun for everyone.

Admitting you wouldn't be around is prime targeting for Zacthedragon. I do agree it was nice of you to give the warning though ^^. I was talking about for Vernal Equinox not Orca.
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