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Posted by coleman25 at Jan 25, 2013 6:42:14 PM
Re: [Blockade Intent] Orca/Gaea
Alrighty let's tackle this! First things first - Jeweleen.

I have been working really hard on the Nu shoppes, and one of them is due to dust on the 30th (I believe). Another shoppe, in which all the managers/owner have not logged on for almost 2 years, is still operating, but I've been able to pull out over 180k from taxes and me running lots and lots of minerals there. Unless they REALLY put a lot of PoE in there, I should be close to accomplishing my goal. I will be continuing to run minerals there as quickly as I can, and as soon as they run out of PoE, taxes drop back down to 13%.

And also, there's no reason to be nervous about taxes. If you read about the Nu taxes, I give 100% of what I get at the palace back to anyone who asks. Fourteen and Samjones have both come to me, and I have no issue with it. I assure the taxes on Nu are not done for the 15k increase I make a week from it.

As for the other shops on Nu, about 6 of them are owned by the flag that was there before me, Fearless Tigers, and I get the impression (although they haven't said a word to me since the cade) that they do not intend to close any of their shoppes. So I will not pursue that if that's the case.

Now as for Gaea - The island is large enough and the shoppes seem active enough that there should be no reason to attempt to close any shoppes down. I'm not sure what the current tax rate is, but I plan to put it in the 20-25% whereabouts. I do not plan to build anything new.

I hope this answers everyone's questions, feel free to post more if you have any!
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