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Posted by coleman25 at Jan 24, 2013 11:38:19 AM
[Blockade Intent] Orca/Gaea
Now that the whole ocean knows, I guess it's time to post a blockade intent! Art of War intends to blockade both Orca Island and Gaea Island this Sunday.

(I am a greenie photo editer)

When? This Sunday (January 27th) at 730am pirate time.
Where? Orca Island and Gaea Island
Why? We wanted to go after both an outpost and a large island, and we wanted to try for islands that were fairly close to each other.
Pay? Pay will start at 500 PoE/seg but will increase as the cade progresses and as defenders raise pay.
Sinking or Non-sinking? It could be both sinking, 1, or none. Let's wait and find out how the defenders play it.

Jobbing contact will be Sundreamer.
Look for jobbing to begin on the NB 30-45 minutes before round 1 begins!

Best of luck to both Booching Blaggards and Otherworld, we hope for a lot of fun this Sunday!
Crut of all Oceans
Originally from Cobalt and Cerulean

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