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Posted by Celesta9 at Oct 19, 2012 6:57:10 PM
Thinking of returning: what do I do?
Hello everyone, I'm thinking of returning to Puzzle Pirates but I last played this game 3 years ago and even then, very randomly. But I really love puzzle games so I want to give this a try again. I've totally forgotten how this game works, but I'm not a greenie, so there's no tutorial when I log on. I tried surfing YPPedia but its a bit overwhelming if you don't really know what topics to check out. And I feel really shy about asking random people standing around stupid newbie questions in game. Some examples of questions I have are like, which is the most busy city to make a home in, and how do I get there. How do I travel between islands not connected by the ferry? Stuff like that.

I used to be on Sage Ocean. I see its now merged to become Emerald. Which is the most active server? I can move to any ocean, I don't have a preference but it'd be nice to find some helpful people. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do besides continuously just doing the tutorial puzzles?

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