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Posted by VPeric at Sep 25, 2003 6:28:44 PM
Re: Next Release
For the PPA, it's a mighty good aditon because someone was stealing maps, but from a personal perspective, it ain't good. For example: If I pillage a map to a new arch and then decide to leave the crew, me maps stuck with them. and that map IS extremly valueable. I strongly disaprove with this idea. It should be made possible for the captain to shose which Officers and SO's can take maps from the nav table.

On the other hand, a (perhaps) simpler solution would be to give the pillaged map to the Commanding Officer. That way, the officer can chose if he wants to put the map to the nav table. It could use the same sistem for decideing who's the CO as it uses when ye type /who. Sorry if me English is not so good, but I hope ye undersatnd me :P
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