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Posted by srachit at Aug 23, 2012 10:52:09 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
I would like to suggest 2 new trophies available only to captain of a crew, the first trophy is:
1) Illustrative fame: This trophy is awarded to the captain of the crew when his crew his illustrative fame
2) Number 1 crew in the ocean: Again awarded to the captain of the crew when his crew reaches the first position.

The reason I suggest this is that in recent days my crew has seen a great surge in activity and growth and we have been pushed from oblivion to rank 15th in the ocean and soon I believe we will hit rank 1. What saddens me is that if I ever retire from the game I will not have anything to prove that I was once a successful captain when I return.

I understand that this can be exploited by change of captain till everyone who wants it gets it, so my suggestion is that it is awarded only if the person has been captain of the crew for over a month/is founder of the crew and the crew achieved it under his command. So if my crew hits rank 1 I cannot make my SO captain and make him get the trophy aswell

Raaz on Emerald
Pandaraaz on Meridian

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