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Posted by Annacrock at Aug 7, 2012 2:16:44 PM
Re: Drawing avatars!

I'd ask for one but i have to keep my avatar needs at bay xD!

Pirate name (Please add any Emerald ocean pirates you have):
Ocean: Raedas

What you want in detail (Your pirate? A pet? What are they doing? What are they wearing? Are they holding anything? Familiars?): Well Raedas likes Rigging and Patching and Chatting, he's a Puzzle PRO (maybe you could include something about having like lots of ultimates). He has lots of money and a Navy Coloured Octo (and a red/black parrot and a tan octo) and he likes bunnies? Haha!

Portrait/picture (Please give me a link or a picture of your pirate wearing what you want them to be wearing.) :

I dont mind what he's wearing but a red/black or red/purple theme would be niice :)!
Payment plan (PoE? Doubloons? You come find me? I come find you?): I'll find you in game! :)
Time prepared to wait: I'd like it ASAP! Im already late to give it to him lol!

(I can pay more if you can get it done quiiick! :D)

EDIT: My in-game name is ANNACROCK please DO NOT find Raedas for a payment :L!
Annacrock of Emerald


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