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Posted by Raalala at Aug 2, 2012 11:11:33 AM
Re: Drawing avatars!
Pirate name: Bambeh
What you want in detail; Familiars would be a purple octo/red monkey, wherever you would like them, I have an eyepatch and so does she so yeaaaaah.... Swordfight would be the theme
Portrait/picture;Can I challenge you with a double?! (If not theeeeen....)
Payment plan (PoE? Doubloons? You come find me? I come find you?): Either or, not fussy. Whichever is best for you!
Time prepared to wait (Please take into account I will be doing them in order): Same as above, whenever is best for you ^^
~ Bambeh

Johnydepp says; 'BatBam, your f-ing play on words fetish'
Priapus says; 'Mate, look at his screen, you could play chess on that.'

Avatar by Seapint!

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