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Posted by Sugarpie at Sep 25, 2003 10:57:12 AM
Re: Next Release
I'm with Greasy on this one... at first it SOUNDED like a good idea... no more maps missing!

This is the problem: I have a spring to hephaestus map on me, and I'm currently the only one on the crew with one. I'm not going to leave this on a ship because I don't want to be stuck having to use the 1 ship out of the 39 that has my map. Suppose another officer (not senior) pillages a spring to hephaesteus map. They can't remove it from the table themselves, so now "their" map is stuck on the table and they have to either pillage on that same ship or plead for a SO or Captain to remove it which if you have 2-3 smaller ships pillaging w/ officers and they get 2-3 maps per trip its going to be a headache for the SO/Captain to help them remove it for their collection. So that would mean we'd have to switch so we have 1 of each map on each ship, which would mean now we have to find 1) empty ships and 2) ships with maps.


your older crew members don't want to part with their maps and place them on a ship and new members can't collect the maps they pillage.

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