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Posted by iceblade856 at Jul 11, 2012 7:41:51 PM
Re: Spiderman
It was WAY better than the last reboot for me. The costume, to me, is much cooler than Tobey's. It's wittier, edgier, darker, and much better than the psuedo-camp disgrace that the previous 3 movies were...

Just my take on it.

Oh, and now Spiderman looks a bit like Andy Murray, which I find quite entertaining. :P

I agree with this. The problem I have with the new Spiderman though is that is was made relatively close to the latest release of the last trilogy and almost everyone who saw the Amazing Spiderman has seen the old ones. With this, it felt like I was re-watching parts of the old films at times and that made some climactic parts easily predicted.

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