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Posted by riku743 at May 26, 2012 3:21:46 PM
I'm glad that someone (both Lyaka and Goats) defines gut the same way I do -- judging from most of the responses, it seems like people generally don't. However, I agree with others' confusion over Lyaka calling Goats' vote a gut one. He did describe it as feeling off, but he went into specifics as well.

Furare wrote: 
Because every time we vote for someone in a game like this, we could be pushing a roleholder closer to the gallows.

The thing about this game is there's items. I haven't played games with more than one or two items, but Luvessy says that "sometimes they pass every night no matter what and sometimes only after they've been used and sometimes when someone wants to pass them along cause they think someone else ought to hold 'em". If everyone is alive Night 1, everyone who has one has a chance to pass on their item. There's not a huge disadvantage to not lynching Day 1. However, if we do lynch Day 1, we may lynch someone before they have any chance to pass on an item. They can assess who seems to be the likely lynch candidates the next day (be it themselves or someone , and decide how to move about their item that way, if they have choice in the matter.
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