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Posted by Setsusa at May 26, 2012 2:58:19 PM
Marinated wrote: 
Setsusa wrote: 
I still think quite a few of the players who've returned from lengthy hiatuses, haitusii? are jumping the gun to point their fingers. Maybe that's just because I think your cases aren't strong and you're poking your fingers in to try and find something which is all well and good but some of it seems like "HA, I'VE FOUND YOU ROGUE, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS" ...

I find this an odd grouping to use. It could only apply to AL, Kot, Mouse and maybe The_Jokerina so why not just mention them by name? What makes them different as a group to others? Or are you saying they are the only ones to do this?

Well, in regards to those players and it was the general impression I got from Abiona last game, and Lyaka the game before. Hiatus -> return -> EVERYONE IS A ROGUE FOR FLIMSY REASON Y. Nalanthi could fall into the above group as well, I don't see "Yeah, wife, Leif does seem like a rogue" as playing.
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