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Posted by Nalanthi at May 26, 2012 2:48:34 PM
furare wrote: 
If I think y'all talk too much, then y'all talk too much.
QFT - Lyaka and I have been trying to find time to read and post while off visiting her friends in Jersey, this post finally took me three hours to write.
Now I am going to deconstruct your post in the order you made it as I have been planning to do it all day but haven't had time.
furare wrote: 
On my vote - I decided before the game even started that I was going to vote the first person who voted Abstain. It's got nothing to do with whether or not that person is always like that, or whether they might change their vote later, or... well, none of that matters to me. At all. I think Searmin made the point once that psychologically there's something harder about changing an existing vote than making one in the first place. Not voting until you know who to vote for is good. Sticking an Abstain out there until you figure out what you want to do is less so. I don't like Abstain votes in general. I especially don't like Abstain votes when they're a standard first Day policy. The only way I have to show my displeasure in an obvious and notable way is to vote on it.
Now it seems odd yo me that you would pick smileo to be your vote. Sure he voted abstain, but there were three people who stated that they were planning to abstain but thought that actually voting abstain was a weird way to show this. These people were in order, Phoe, Setsusa, and then me. I in fact made one of the strongest case, for the day one abstention and you haven't actually called any of us out at all. If it bothers you so much why are you only going after one person?
furare wrote: 
I said in my last post, and I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but the whole "Don't lynch or we might lynch a roleholder by accident!" thing really hacks me off. Here's why: in role games, roleholders get lynched. It happens. Town frequently still wins in spite of this. Here's the rub: Town can win this game without roleholders. It cannot win this game without lynching. Allowing the game to stagnate by not doing what we all came here for (lynch suspected rogues) is not the way I want to play.
Without roleholders, we are trusting that the rogues will make a mistake that will let us catch them. While this happens, there are also many games where it does not happen. Roleholders do give the town an edge. I am not arguing that we should not lynch ever, or even not lynch starting on day 2. Most roles function during the night period. Also, the first ban is the rogues first real chance to make a mistake. So on day 2 the roleholders have more information that they can hopefully use to shield themselves and we have more information on the rogues. On day one the lynch is essentially random. On day 2 this does not have to be the case.

I can walk to work. I choose to drive because it is easier. Just because something might work does not mean we should all do it.
furare wrote: 
I don't especially care that we lynch innocents (this is a constant across games whether I am a rogue or an innocent) because I feel like not lynching does more harm to the game momentum than lynching an innocent does. You gotta try or you don't get nowhere, y'see? The fact that we lynch the wrong sort of people isn't a function of "Day 1 crapshoot" or "Day 2 bandwagon analysis"; it's because we look for the wrong things, we jump at the wrong things, and we give the wrong people a pass because of who they are and how they naturally post. If you value logic and coherence so much that you kill people just for being illogical or incoherent, you're not going to have a great rogue catching record.
Yea, sure ok. I agree, starting on day 2.
furare wrote: 
Smiley - I said "generally", which I think changes the tone of the assertion somewhat. You do favour Abstains. I don't. I think the "Abstain as default position on Day 1" attitude needs to be stamped out. If you don't think that's your attitude then I've misunderstood you, not misconstrued you. To be honest, I'm not interested in justifying my vote. I don't think you're a rogue necessarily, I don't think you're innocent necessarily, I don't know and it doesn't matter. I voted the first person to vote Abstain because I'd decided pre-game that I was going to do that. That's all the justification my vote has or needs.
I disagree, If Smileo was the only one who had pushed abstaining then it would make sense. Smileo didn't push an abstain agenda, he just said, I'm gonna do this thing and then did it. Several others have stated they will probably abstain and tried to push abstaining on other people, which apparently really hacks you off but you never called any of us out on it? Really?

The sad thing is I am not really generating FoS as a result of this, you just seem to read as pissed of innocent. Anyway, I will be watching.

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