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Posted by AhoyLindsay at May 26, 2012 1:47:34 PM
Jokerina wrote: 
I believe I said I will vote for someone if I feel suspicious enough of someone to.
You did, but since you've said you don't want to point to people as rogues yet, that doesn't necessarily leave us more enlightened. However, I concede that your most recent post mentioned some suspicions. I'll keep watching for the moment.
In other news, I no longer suspect Talisker, because I now have more of a read on him whereas before I was going off of first day paranoia.

I am beginning to wonder about Lyaka. I noticed the same thing taelac did about her taking the Goats quote out of context. It's only when you look at it in isolation that that sentence would imply the suspicion being mostly gut-based; right afterwards he explained the specific actions that caused his suspicion.

So far the thing with Goats has also been Lyaka's only non-meta contribution. She's been sticking to noninflammatory meta things, like item strategy and whether there are neutral factions (and I also can't help but think that it would be nice for the rogues if all the items were gotten out of the way immediately, when they'll do less damage-even if one caught a rogue, so early on it would be difficult to connect that rogue back to others. Plus, probabilities are currently less for them [as far as chances of getting affected by an item] than they would/will be once the rogues have killed off some townies).
She's been pretty calm so far, and it looks like she might be hoping to glide by for a few rounds without attracting too much attention. FoS there.

I'd vote for Lyaka or Jokerina if others were going to, with the caveat that I would back off if the other voters looked like a rogue bandwagon of some sort. Also, if MrBriney is in danger, I would unvote/vote elsewhere to save him, since I don't think a rogue would want to draw attention with an early unsupported vote, and I think that diverse townie playstyles give rogues fewer hiding spots.

#Vote: Lyaka
for the time being and check back in periodically.
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