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Posted by marinated at May 26, 2012 1:45:35 PM
JMR wrote: 
I have to go back and double check what I was writing to see where I screwed up. I had a bunch of cats jump on the keyboard, they may or may not have deleted a whole sentence.

Any update on this?

Setsusa wrote: 
I still think quite a few of the players who've returned from lengthy hiatuses, haitusii? are jumping the gun to point their fingers. Maybe that's just because I think your cases aren't strong and you're poking your fingers in to try and find something which is all well and good but some of it seems like "HA, I'VE FOUND YOU ROGUE, TELL ME YOUR SECRETS" ...

I find this an odd grouping to use. It could only apply to AL, Kot, Mouse and maybe The_Jokerina so why not just mention them by name? What makes them different as a group to others? Or are you saying they are the only ones to do this?

Talisker wrote: 
Stepping into the middle of a busy Day, saying, "Nothing to see here" and voting abstain is likely to give the impression you're not much interested in rogue hunting.

Or that Smileo wanted to deflect attention from Phoenix?

Duck wrote: 
Here if you wanted to find it.

Er... Why would I need to find it when I quoted it and gave the link in my post? This smacks of trying to look active while not actually reading.

AhoyLindsay wrote: 
I still suspect Jokerina as her posting has been noncommital. She's said that she agrees and disagrees with certain playing strategies (ex: agrees with pressure voting, disagrees with extrapolating from one's own playstyle), but she's declined to suspect anyone thus far and also declined to say whether she intends to abstain, vote, or not vote. This manner of posting would be advantageous for a rogue, because they can avoid taking hard stances and instead decide what opinion/action would be safe based on how the wind blows later on. Thus, FoS.

I could understand being suspicious of someone posting this way later in the game, but on Day one there must be quite a few this could apply to (I would be pleasantly surprised if there weren't). Why does Jokerina stand out to you more than the others? What was wrong with her statement re: voting in her very first post?

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