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Posted by SeastarX at May 26, 2012 11:50:08 AM
Now I have a working mouse I can actually copy/paste again. No idea how some people manage without one at all.

On MrBriney: The only thing that really puzzles me here is why he waited to give the explanation for the vote. If he'd just said 'I remember rogues trying to get new players on-side' that would've likely been perfectly sufficient, especially on Day 1. The delay makes it seem odder. My initial reaction to the actual justification was that I'm not sure I could see new player Firebolt, if a rogue, trying to 'Get the new guy on side, right' as pretty much the first thing she does. On further consideration, I suppose it's a possibility, but it still seems kinda unlikely and the apparent dismissal of the alternative option (an innocent new player just commenting on something she might be thinking about too) makes me a little twitchy. Watchlisting MrBriney for now.

Yasmi wrote: 
Personally i dont think phoenixstar's mod clarification indicate to wherther she is a rogue or innocent, I think she wanted for everyone to know her queries... Also it would be very early for a rogue to be making a mistake.
The former part is fine and I already posted that I have the same thoughts on that. The latter feels a bit like another 'no rogue here' type comment not too dissimilar to smiley's earlier on.

classy wrote: 
(So do I get bonus points now for being basically forgotten about a la Seastarx)
Welcome to my shiny club! It's quite exclusive but alas has no bonus points.

Aaand, I'm being called away as I have to shift accommodation this evening. Will post this and finish later (internet access at the new place allowing; if not then tomorrow morning).
Rachaelj everywhere but mostly Emerald.
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