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Posted by riku743 at May 26, 2012 11:49:39 AM
Phaedra wrote: 
Smiley abstain. What? Why? Just weird.

This reaction doesn't make any sense to me. You make it sound like it's a totally alien thing to consider abstaining, when you abstained Day 1 last game. It feels like jumping to the side of the debate that now has the most people behind it. Low FoS.
Furare wrote: 
Town can win this game without roleholders. It cannot win this game without lynching.

Your point would be valid if we weren't just talking about not lynching Day 1.

(Although I do think this game has gotten off to a good enough start for a lynch Day 1 to be a better option than I did originally)
Jokerina wrote: 
So, you just think someone is a rogue for no reason? That is just comes out of thin air?

If you would like to know my thoughts on gut votes, read the parts of my post that you snipped out of the quote.
Jokerina wrote: 
If you go to your boss and say you think someone is up to something, they're going to ask what that person did to make you think something.

You're missing the most significant part of the analogy where the person going to the boss says "I don't have any evidence" and the boss says "What evidence do you have?".

Goats wrote: 
To swoop in and say, "Whoa, lay off the guy!" still makes no sense to me unless you think that the offense was all fine and dandy.

It wouldn't make any sense if I was saying "Whoa, lay off the guy!". You're right about that. However, that's pretty clearly not what happened.

Master wrote: 
He could just be trying to help out a new guy.

...or I could be doing what I'm saying I'm doing, which is being questioning Kotetsu and Taelac's methods of attack. Nope, that's too simple.

Goats wrote: 
I think it's more likely that a rogue riku is trying to garner favor from an innocent briney

Perhaps you see things differently, but I haven't read MrBriney so far as being the kind of person who would be any less suspicious of someone attacking his attackers.
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