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Posted by Prosperity at May 26, 2012 9:57:51 AM
Master wrote: 
Well then.
#Unvote: MrBriney

It's going in the record books, so good enough for now.

Also, fluffily enough, I opened my disk drive on my laptop and two screws fell out D:
I checked every screw hole in the disk drive, and they were there, so I get to tear the laptop apart now. Joy.

This stood out to me, the "going in the record books" part. To me it sounds like Master is saying he's content in that his vote on Mrbriney will be seen later in the game. Please correct me if my interpretation is wrong, Master. If that's the case, it just makes me wonder why Master's reason for voting is to be seen by the town doing certain things. It seems to me that rogues are more concerned with appearing to be going the "right thing" by the rest of town than townies would be. Also, something about Master's attitude towards voting for Mrbriney when he did and when he's now unvoted him doesn't match up for me.
Master wrote: 
The above isn't really a JMT, as we all want to stay alive and play whether rogue or innocent.

And awfully quick to cover your own tracks, Master. I've tended to shy away from the "classic" rogue tells like the JMT in recent games, though I may take note of one here or there. The post I'm quoting never would have jumped out at me as a JMT without you saying this.

I think one of the reasons Mrbriney's gut vote doesn't bother me is because I've played so much Mafia/Werewolf outside of Y!PP forums. His gut vote is the norm for other forum communities that play. I consider his vote a null tell, and I think his explanation was pretty sound. I want to take a look at some of the people looking at him though.
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