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Posted by phaedra6 at May 26, 2012 8:33:02 AM
I don't think Riku was really defending MrBriney or gut voting, he was just pointing out that if somebody calls "gut", it does not make sense to ask for an explanation, and doing so is weird.
In addition, he went after those who started questioning MrBriney (Kotetsu and Tae). Doing so makes total sense to me, as pointing fingers to Briney would be an easy and quite constructive thing to do from a rogue point of view on day1.

What I don't see is why you're voting him. Defending somebody so openly so early in the game would certainly be strange behavior from a rogue... A lot less subtle than what Kotetsu and Tae did there.

Also, by no means did I mean to make you feel bad about posting your opinions and interpretations of actions. I guess we are just thinking differently, and that's why it sometimes feels to me as twisting words. Please don't take it personally. I will just sometimes question you, and go "booo, Goats, you are suspicious", but I will do that with many many other people too! <3

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