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Posted by Lotsofgoats at May 26, 2012 8:04:50 AM
@phaedra: riku may not have explicitly said that gut is enough of a reason for a vote, but I didn't (and still don't) understand why you would defend briney (even if that's just by attacking his attackers) unless you were convinced that it is. Mrbriney is at a whole new level of gut voting, that's the thing. It was straight out of the gates. To swoop in and say, "Whoa, lay off the guy!" still makes no sense to me unless you think that the offense was all fine and dandy. That's not me twisting words, that's me interpreting actions. I really, really don't like being drawn in that light because it's simply not true.

You're free to say that you disagree with how I see the situation, but these constant claims that I don't understand what's being said or that I'm twisting words is bogus, and really frustrating. It pretty much happens to me every game. I really want to not feel bad about bringing things up that I find suspicious, and it always seems to be the case that several people have a problem when I do.

Moving on, I think that this point by mads is a notable one:
mads wrote: 
Firebolt's pretty quiet too, thinking about it. Perhaps it's the whole "posted twice and got jumped on" thing?

That could also apply to a townie, of course, since being in the spotlight is by default bad for your team. In any case, I think that it's important that she shows her face more. It still itches me that Elliptic took us all for a ride last game >_<
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