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Posted by JMRUDNICK at May 25, 2012 7:35:33 PM
Marinated wrote: 
JMR wrote: 

I don't think Phoenix is suspicious due to asking for clarification. I can see it partially as a JMT. Whether or not it's a real JMT or a rogue JMT. I just don't see a rogue jumping out and saying what she said that could have been easily addressed by the rogue doc, if she is in fact a rogue. It's just not sticking out at me where I would mainly vote her for that reason.

What do you mean by "a real JMT"? Your fourth sentence describes exactly what a JMT is - a rogue doing something that a rogue doesn't need to to do, and thereby implying that they are not a rogue.

Either way I honestly feel no matter how I answer this question I might be at a lose/lose situation, but here goes!

Truth time: I may have been seriously confused or mislead on what the correct terminology to what JMT meant. Might also be because I haven't actually seen a JMT in a game I have played, other than glancing at HS Security and noticing Elliptic's two posts regarding a JMT. Low Security.. I don't think we had that many JMT's and if we did they weren't hardcore noticeable, or if any it was an innocent declaring themselves being innocent rather than a rogue trying to declare themselves innocent. Apparently, I myself, did an subconscious JMT comment my first game..
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