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Posted by riku743 at May 25, 2012 7:19:56 PM
Taelac wrote: 
He went straight to "Vote! Gut." That, to me, required clarification, which has now been provided.

So you find the reason he gave to be sufficient?

Goats wrote: 
Insisting that "gut" is enough of a reason when it's the first vote in the game on a player who's posted 4 times in a span of < 12 hours... That seems to be ignoring a whooooole lot of circumstances for the benefit of briney.

I did not ever say that "gut" is enough of a reason. I think that in general, votes should be supported by more than gut. However, people's ways of going about attacking him for it have bothered me. Is there a point to saying "Give me more justification to your vote" when he has already said "My justification for my vote is gut"? Backing off after he comes up with some is silly. He didn't have that justification when he voted, so why is his vote okay now that he applied reasoning ad-hoc?

Goats wrote: 
Briney's done as much as state that it's gut based on things that he does as a rogue, but I can't recall him ever even explaining what those things are.

MrBriney wrote: 

Get the new guy on side, right?

I believe that also answers Taelac's last enquiry.

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