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Posted by Lotsofgoats at May 25, 2012 7:02:26 PM
I know that riku is generally playing defense lawyer in many arguments made in the game, but this one seems off. Insisting that "gut" is enough of a reason when it's the first vote in the game on a player who's posted 4 times in a span of < 12 hours... That seems to be ignoring a whooooole lot of circumstances for the benefit of briney. Briney's done as much as state that it's gut based on things that he does as a rogue, but I can't recall him ever even explaining what those things are. It's about as abstract as it gets. It's like rissa's dreamvote, but in different words and earlier in the game.

Defending that as a third party looks to me like the scenarios I listed before -- a rogue trying to buddy-buddy with a townie, or a rogue trying to save his buddy-buddy's bum.

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