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Posted by DementedDuck at May 25, 2012 6:16:34 PM
I woke up today, turned my laptop on and it didn't work. I proceeded to freak out. Then I had to go to college for an hour before meeting Furare at the train station (cause she's visiting me yaaaaay) so I didn't have any chance to fiddle with my laptop and I was super worried I'd have to play this game from my phone. Then I got home a little while ago and it worked. :D

Phoenix wrote: 
DementedDuck wrote: 
Given we know this is a game with items, I don't think asking about night actions is a tell in either direction. And as we all have a chance to pick up an item, Phoe's reasoning for posting makes sense.

Of this is bugging me. The bold bit. I've re-read the rules a few times and I'm still not seeing where this is stated anywhere. Someone want to point me at that statement?

marinated wrote: 
It was in the early sign-up thread in the DT.

Here if you wanted to find it.

I need to reread before I can comment on much because I read everything that's been posted since the down time on a phone in a pub, but one thing I have read enough of to comment on is the smileo situation.
I think it's unfair to say he's not hunting rogues.
I'm biased in that I agree with his stance - first round voting is pretty much a crapshoot and I don't feel comfortable voting with reasons I know are weak. I know some people disagree with that but that doesn't stop it being a valid opinion. We ought to agree to disagree on that, at least in the case of people who are consistently in the same camp as far as abstaining goes.
The one thing I wouldn't do that he has done is vote so early, and I explained why earlier. But if he knows he's going to be around to change his vote if necessary, it doesn't make much difference.

And for the record, I like grilled cheese sandwiches too. I also need to sleep.
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