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Posted by riku743 at May 25, 2012 6:15:39 PM
Taelac wrote: 
On the contrary, it was something I knew he had to have, and he did eventually provide some further explanation. There had to be something that triggered his gut response--if it was legitimate instead of rogue fabrication. "Gut," by itself, is not any sort of justification for a vote.

I can say from my own experience that gut feelings are not always (and not often) triggered by something specific. In fact, that's what usually leads them to be characterized as gut feels -- someone reads as suspicious, but you can't nail down why. Trying to pin a justification to a gut often leads you to over-placing suspicion on something that really isn't that suspicious, due to trying to account for your gut feeling.

I quite disagree with your assessment that gut suspicions must have a concrete trigger behind them. If it did, it would hardly be a gut suspicion.
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